Ethereum’s scability solutions for gaming

Balaguer, Pedro
Caracciolo López, Juan Franco
Garrigó, Mariano
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"Decentralized gaming is one of the newest blockchain related developments being researched nowadays since scalability solutions are required due to the inherit confirmation time and cost of blockchains. This project explores two of these and implements them in a proof-of-concept game. The first scalability solution, Plasma, allows players to freely send in-game assets to one another. An additional feature is proposed in which players are also able to trade these assets atomically. The second scalability solution, Force Move Channels, allows users to do off-chain computation in a PVP environment while relying in the blockchain for discrepancies. While these two solutions have their intrinsic limitations, a working prototype is proposed where users can purchase in-game assets and battle with them using minimal costs compared to previous Ethereum’s implementations."