Distributed data-driven UAV formation control via evolutionary games: experimental results

Barreiro-Gomez, Julian
Mas, Ignacio
Giribet, Juan I.
Moreno, Patricio
Ocampo-Martínez, Carlos
Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo
Quijano, Nicanor
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"This work proposes a novel data-driven distributed formation-control approach based on multi-population evolutionary games, which is structured in a leader-follower scheme. The methodology considers a time-varying communication graph that describes how the multiple agents share information to each other. We present stability guarantees for configurations given by time-varying interaction networks, making the proposed method suitable for real-world problems where communication constraints change along the time. Additionally, the proposed formation controller allows for an agent to leave or enter the group without the need to modify the behaviors of other agents in the group. This game-theoretical approach is evaluated through numerical simulations and real outdoors experimental results using a fleet of aerial autonomous vehicles, showing the control performance."