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On the use of espina corona gum as a polymeric additive in water-based drilling fluid


"The aim of this work is to evaluate the espina corona gum (ECG) as a sustainable viscosifier or filtration reducer additive in water-based drilling fluids (WBMs) as a potential replacement of guar gum (GG). ECG is a galactomannan isolated from leguminous seeds of Gleditsia amorphoides, trees that grow in South America with viscosifier properties and applications in the food area. ECG was characterized by FTIR, Z potential, intrinsic viscometry, TGA, and steady and oscillatory shear rheological analysis. Moreover, its effect on the main functional properties of WBMs was studied. Fluids containing bentonite (BT), polyanionic cellulose (PAC), GG or ECG were prepared, and rheological, filtration, thermal and structural properties were determined. In order to study the theoretical rheological behavior, several models such as power law, Sisko and Herschel-Bulkley were evaluated. The rheological studies revealed that WBMs containing ECG exhibit higher viscosities in comparison with those with GG. Herschel-Bulkley parameters indicated that the WBMs with high ECG concentration showed higher yield stress. In addition, the presence of ECG improves the thermal stability and filtration properties. The results indicate that ECG can be considered as an innovative, renewable and non-toxic alternative to partially or totally replace GG in WBMs."


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