Automatic glucose control during meals and exercise in type 1 diabetes: proof-of-concept in silico tests using a switched LPV approach

Colmegna, Patricio
Bianchi, Fernando D.
Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo
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"Keeping the blood glucose levels within the safe range during meals and exercise still represents a major hurdle not only for patients with type 1 diabetes (T1D), but also for Artificial Pancreas (AP) systems. One of the reasons a fully (autonomous) closed-loop solution has not been released onto the market yet is the slow action of current insulin analogs. To partially overcome this limitation, the authors have previously designed a switched control strategy equipped with an insulin-on-board (IOB) safety loop that mitigates meal-related glucose excursions without carbohydrate counting. In this paper, a similar strategy based on a Linear Parameter-Varying (LPV) control law has been adapted to safely handle also exercise challenges with minimum user intervention. In silico results using the UVA/Padova simulator evidence that the proposed closedloop scheme is feasible under moderate-intense exercise bouts by effectively and safely reducing the risk of hypoglycemia."