Innovativeness of the judiciary power: a case study using the viable system model (VSM)

Castiglioni, Sara Noemí
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"For several years, the use of technology, open data and customer focus as innovation engines has been imposed worldwide. And the Judiciary Power as a key player in the system of administration of justice of the Argentine Republic do not escape this trend. As a consequence of this, it has implemented innovative processes in order to reduce their management times, improve the user-citizen experience and bring transparency to the process. Never the less, in Argentina these innovations are rare exceptions. In this paper the case of the “Judiciary Power of Tucumán State” will be use as a leading case for its high level of innovativeness during the last ten years. The main objective of this paper is to model using Beer’s Viable System Model approach the system in which this case is embedded, discuss and determine whether the system is a viable one or not, and compare the findings with the theoretical framework associated with the “new public management”.