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Analysis of the Impact of the monitoring equipment on the common-mode to differential-mode conversion in bulk current injection tests



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"In this paper, the common-mode to differential mode conversion in a Bulk Current Injection (BCI) test setup is analyzed in the presence of an optical fiber transmitter. A modular-basis analysis based on S-parameters measurements and Electromagnetic simulations has been performed. It is shown that the loading effects can change the insertion losses from the RF amplifier to the Devices Under Test, even at frequencies as low as 10MHz by 2dB and up to 23dB at worst cases. The study has been undertaken with the substitution and closed-loop methods. Quantification of this problem as well as mitigation strategies are proposed, analyzed and evaluated with the aim of improving the accuracy of BCI simulations at early-design stages. Considering the significant cost of redesigning at an advanced point in the product development cycle, the presented work expects to raise awareness about how even small changes in the BCI setup can remarkably compromise the outcome."


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