Time delay properties of stochastics-resonance information transmission line

Ibáñez, Santiago Agustín
Fendrik, Alejandro J.
Fierens, Pablo Ignacio
Grosz, Diego
Perazzo, Roberto P. J.
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"In this paper we analyze the properties of a chain of forward-coupled bi-stable over-damped oscillators. It is well known that this system displays stochastic resonance and behaves as a transmission line when an adequate amount of noise is added to each oscillator, and the first oscillator is driven by a periodic (sine) modulating signal. By driving the first oscillator with a modulated sequence of random non-return-to-zero (NRZ) bits, we start by showing that the system exhibits a stochastic-resonance behavior. Then we show that bit delays can be adjusted by either changing the amount of noise and/or the coupling intensity between adjacent oscillators. We find that the system can be regarded as a tunable delay line for a broad range of noise and coupling parameters, a feature that may find applications in information processing and bit regeneration."