Uniform stability of nonlinear time-varying impulsive systems with eventually uniformly bounded impulse frequency

Mancilla-Aguilar, J. L.
Haimovich, Hernán
Feketa, Petro
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"We provide novel sufficient conditions for stability of nonlinear and time-varying impulsive systems. These conditions generalize, extend, and strengthen many existing results. Different types of input-to-state stability (ISS), as well as zero-input global uniform asymptotic stability (0-GUAS), are covered by employing a two-measure framework and considering stability of both weak (decay depends only on elapsed time) and strong (decay depends on elapsed time and the number of impulses) flavors. By contrast to many existing results, the stability state bounds imposed are uniform with respect to initial time and also with respect to classes of impulse-time sequences where the impulse frequency is eventually uniformly bounded. We show that the considered classes of impulse-time sequences are substantially broader than other previously considered classes, such as those having fixed or (reverse) average dwell times, or impulse frequency achieving uniform convergence to a limit (superior or inferior). Moreover, our sufficient conditions are stronger, less conservative and more widely applicable than many existing results."