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  • Tesis de maestría
    Mini grids renovables: conversión de redes aisladas diesel a PV-diesel
    (2019) Hatrick, Ariadna; Neffa, Patricio
    "Las redes basadas en energías renovables, sulen ser sistemas híbridos con un porcentaje significativo de energía renovable utilizado para generar la energía eléctrica. Éstas redes continúan ganando momento como soluciones energéticas en áreas donde la demanda no es abastecida, y donde la red principal aún no ha llegado. Las mismas se encuentran en un estadío de madurez, comprobado por su creciente confiabilidad y la reducción del impacto ambiental, permitiendo que las poblaciones locales tengan el control sobre la energía que utilizan mientras disminuyen sus costos. Éstas redes brindan energía eléctrica en comunidades remotas, permiten a las industrias existir en lugares aislados y proveen respaldo en lugares donde la red principal no es confiable. Las redes del futuro utilizarán mayor energía de fuentes renovables y proveerán mayor energía confiable a un costo menor. En la presente tesis de maestría, se estudia la conversión de una red aislada existente en el norte de Argentina a base de combustible diesel, por una red híbrida que incorpora un porcentaje significativo de energía renovable en su mix, particularmente la energía solar fotovoltaica (PV)."
  • Tesis de maestría
    Floating displaceable solar PV-plant to study the water ecosystem at the reservoir of Salto Grande hydroelectric
    (2019) Grimaux Larrea, Juan Pedro; Aguirre, Miguel Pablo
    "This thesis proposes the design of a solar PV floating, displaceable power plant, for mainly two applications which could be of interest for the Salto Grande Hydroelectric: study of the ecosystem at the dam water reservoir and possible uses as pilot platform for technical capacitation. – Details are given for the dimensioning of the plant, the selection of the PV-­panels, electronic equipment and batteries, as well as for space and costs optimization. Further analysis concerning the characterization of the Salto Grande water Reservoir and its ecosystem is stated. A boat design is proposed and useful references are given of existing floating solar PV plants in the world."
  • Tesis de maestría
    Setup and calibration of a combustion flame temperature measurement system using two-dimensional multicolor pyrometry
    (2019-07) Schweickhardt, León
    "To further optimize the combustion process, a precise knowledge of multiple in-cylinder parameters is necessary. This thesis investigates the calibration and setup of a temperature measurement system by means of two-dimensional multicolor pyrometry. A high-speed camera is used in conjunction with an endoscope to capture the temperature radiation of soot during combustion. The measurement system is calibrated with a tungsten lamp and tested for possible interfering factors. Custom MATLAB scripts were written to analyze the raw image data and calculate temperature and KL values for each pixel. Finally, test bench results are presented and different analysis strategies are discussed."
  • Tesis de maestría
    Selection of ideal test platforms for methodical real driving emissions development use cases
    (2019-06-11) Rupfle, Johannes; Koch, Thomas
    "The present thesis elaborates essential requirements for the test environment in the context of Real Driving Emissions (RDE). Within the scope of the work, a comprehensive literature research to current methodical approaches in the RDE development is carried out and the results are compared. To compare the derived requirements with the existing hardware, software and simulation methods, a tool is created that both maps the current status and evaluates a target status and thus provides an overview of the capabilities of the test environment. For selected use cases of RDE development, concrete development needs are identified and solution approaches are proposed. In the results section, different driver controllers are compared with each other and essential objectives are discussed. In the results part, different driver controllers are compared with each other and essential objectives are discussed, engine operating conditions and deviations to the real vehicle are pointed out, important road load parameters are identified, characteristics of the test bench conditioning systems are discussed and the performance requirements on the electrical machine for different test bench set-ups are analyzed."
  • Tesis de maestría
    Wind energy in Argentine Patagonia: shortening the distance between the source and the consumers
    (2019-08) Greco Coppi, Martín Nicolás; Nietsch, Thomas
    "This work presents a holistic analysis of the utilization of the wind source in Argentine Patagonia, focusing on the problem of the distance between this resource and the sinks. Even though the possibility of utilizing the wind energy locally is studied, the resource is so big that bulk energy transport methods are fundamental to properly profit from it. Four methods for transporting bulk long distance energy from wind parks in the Argentine Patagonian to the sources of big demand, i.e. big cities, are analyzed. The results show that high voltage direct current lines are the cheapest solution for the transport problem. Other solutions involving hydrogen also appear very interesting for utilizing Patagonian wind energy. Especially if the future conditions evolve favorable to hydrogen technologies, injecting hydrogen in natural gas pipelines in the short term, constructing hydrogen pipelines for the mid term and shipping liquid hydrogen for exportation in the long term, would prove profitable. All the analyzed methods would generate a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and provide earnings to Argentina in exchange currency."