Anti-stokes Raman gain enabled by modulation instability in mid-IR waveguides

Sánchez, Alfredo D.
Fierens, Pablo Ignacio
Hernández, Santiago M.
Bonetti, Juan I.
Brambilla, Gilberto
Grosz, Diego
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"The inclusion of self-steepening in the linear stability analysis of modulation instability (MI) leads to a power cutoff above which the MI gain vanishes. Under these conditions, MI in mid-IR waveguides is shown to give rise to the usual double-sideband spectrum but with Raman-shaped sidelobes. This results from the energy transfer of a CW laser simultaneously to both stokes and anti-stokes bands in pseudo-parametric fashion. As such, the anti-stokes gain matches completely the stokes profile over the entire gain bandwidth. This remarkable behavior, not expected from an unexcited medium, is shown not to follow from a conventional four-wave mixing interaction between the pump and the Stokes band. We believe this observation to be of relevance in the area of Raman-based sensors, which, in several instances, rely on monitoring small power variations of the anti-stokes spectral component."