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    • Abatement of 2,4-D by H2O2 solar photolysis and solar photo-Fentonlike process with minute Fe(III) concentrations 

      Serra-Clusellas, Anna; De Angelis, Laura; Lin, Chung-Ho; Vo, Phuc; Bayati, Mohamed; Sumner, Lloyd; Lei, Zhentian; Amaral, Nathalia B.; Bertini, Liliana María; Mazza, Jose; Pizzio, Luis R.; Stripeikis, Jorge; Rengifo-Herrera, Julian A.; Fidalgo de Cortalezzi, María Marta (2018-11)
      "The Photo-Fenton-like (PF-like) process with minute Fe(III) concentrations and the Hydrogen Peroxide Photolysis (HPP), using Xe-lamp or solar light as sources of irradiation, were efficiently applied to eliminate the ...