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    • Automated workarounds from Java program specifications based on SAT solving 

      Uva, Marcelo; Ponzio, Pablo; Regis, Germán; Aguirre, Nazareno; Frías, Marcelo (2018-11)
      "The failures that bugs in software lead to can sometimes be bypassed by the so-called workarounds: when a (faulty) routine fails, alternative routines that the system offers can be used in place of the failing one, to ...
    • DynAlloy analyzer: a tool for the specification and analysis of Alloy models with dynamic behaviour 

      Regis, Germán; Cornejo, César; Gutiérrez Brida, Simón; Politano, Mariano; Raverta, Fernando; Ponzio, Pablo; Aguirre, Nazareno; Galeotti, Juan Pablo; Frías, Marcelo (2017-09)
      "We describe DynAlloy Analyzer, a tool that extends Alloy Analyzer with support for dynamic elements in Alloy models. The tool builds upon Alloy Analyzer in a way that makes it fully compatible with Alloy models, and extends ...
    • An evolutionary approach to translating operational specifications into declarative specifications 

      Molina, Facundo; Cornejo, César; Degiovanni, Renzo; Regis, Germán; Castro, Pablo; Aguirre, Nazareno; Frías, Marcelo (2019-07)
      "Various tools for program analysis, including run-time assertion checkers and static analyzers such as verification and test generation tools, require formal specifications of the programs being analyzed. Moreover, many ...