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    • Impact of DCF properties on system design 

      Essiambre, René-Jean; Winzer, Peter; Grosz, Diego (2006)
      "The dispersion-compensating fiber is an important optical element of current and future optical networks. In this paper, we review the impact that various properties of dispersion-compensating fibers has on the performance ...
    • Sistemas de comunicación y control basados en la norma IEC 61850 

      Majul, Ignacio; Cassina,Tomás (2015)
      "El objetivo del siguiente trabajo es desarrollar y analizar los contenidos más importantes de la norma IEC 61850 "Communication networks and systems in substantions" desde el punto de vista de la ingeniería eléctrica para ...
    • Uncertainty relation for the optimization of optical-fiber transmission systems simulations 

      Tolisano, T.; Callegari, Fulvio A.; Grosz, Diego; Fragnito, Hugo L.; Rieznik, Andrés (2005)
      “The mathematical inequality which in quantum mechanics gives rise to the uncertainty principle between two non commuting operators is used to develop a spatial step-size selection algorithm for the Split-Step Fourier ...