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    • Combining additive manufacturing and biomimetics for the optimization of satellite structures 

      Vogel, Daniel; Geismayr, L.; Langer, Martin; Leslabay, Pablo; Schlickc, G. (2018-10)
      "Successful utilization of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the space sector implicates two aspects: First, an understanding of the process inherent characteristics has to be developed, where the anisotropic behavior of ...
    • Hardware in the loop and software in the loop testing of the MOVE-II CubeSat 

      Kiesbye, Jonis; Messmann, David; Preisinger, Maximiliam; Reina Kiperman, Gonzalo Julián; Nagy, Daniel; Schummer, Florian; Mostad, Martin; Kale, Tejas; Langer, Martin (2019-12)
      "This article reports the ongoing work on an environment for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and software-in-the-loop (SIL) tests of CubeSats and the benefits gained from using such an environment for low-cost satellite ...
    • Planar nozzles for controllable microthrusters 

      Pedreira, Patricio; Lauretta, Juan Ricardo; D'hers, Sebastián (2017)
      "Orbital maneuvering of microsatellite and nanosatellite requirements can be efficiently addressed by planar nozzles, in which realtime thrust control is gained actuating on the nozzle throat area. In the present work, the ...