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    • The ARG algorithm: clinical trials in Argentina 

      Colmegna, Patricio; Garelli, Fabricio; De Battista, Hernán; Bianchi, Fernando D.; Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo (2019)
      "The objective of this work is to present a brief review of the control design problem for glucose regulation in T1DM. In particular, control-oriented models, and robust and time-varying controllers will be mentioned. ...
    • Artificial pancreas: clinical study in Latin America without premeal insulin boluses 

      Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo; Colmegna, Patricio; Garelli, Fabricio; De Battista, Hernán; García Violini, Demián; Moscoso-Vásquez, Marcela; Rosales, Nicolás; Fushimi, Emilia; Campos-Náñez, Enrique; Breton, Marc; Beruto, Valeria; Scibona, Paula; Rodriguez, Cintia; Giunta, Javier; Simonovich, Ventura; Belloso, Waldo H.; Cherñavvsky, Daniel; Grosembacher, Luis (2018-09)
      "Background: Emerging therapies such as closed-loop (CL) glucose control, also known as artificial pancreas (AP) systems, have shown significant improvement in type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) management. However, demanding ...
    • Artificial Pancreas: first clinical trials in Argentina 

      Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo; Colmegna, Patricio; Grosembacher, Luis; Breton, Marc; De Battista, Hernán; Garelli, Fabricio; Belloso, Waldo H.; Campos-Náñez, Enrique; Simonovich, Ventura; Beruto, Valeria; Scibona, Paula; Cherñavsky, Daniel (2017-07)
      "The first clinical trials using an Artificial Pancreas (AP) in Latin America have been defined in 2 stages. The first stage was carried out in November 2016 with the UVA controller (developed by the Center for Diabetes ...
    • Automatic regulatory control in type 1 diabetes without carbohydrate counting 

      Colmegna, Patricio; Garelli, Fabricio; De Battista, Hernán; Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo (2018-05)
      "A new approach to automatically regulate the glucose level in type 1 diabetes is presented in this work. This is the so-called Automatic Regulation of Glucose (ARG) algorithm, which is based on a switched Linear Quadratic ...
    • Control-oriented model with intra-patient variations for an artificial pancreas 

      Moscoso-Vásquez, Marcela; Colmegna, Patricio; Rosales, Nicolás; Garelli, Fabricio; Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo (2020)
      "In this work, a low-order model designed for glucose regulation in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) is obtained from the UVA/Padova metabolic simulator. It captures not only the nonlinear behavior of the glucose-insulin ...
    • Control-oriented models with intra-patient variations for artificial pancreas systems 

      Moscoso-Vásquez, Marcela (2019)
      "En los últimos años se ha incrementado el número de investigaciones orientadas al desarrollo de un Páncreas Articial (AP) para la regulación automática de glucosa en pacientes con Diabetes Mellitus Tipo 1 (T1DM). Sin ...
    • Detector de glucosa 

      Bergamini, Mariana; Ojeda, Paulo; Osimani, Lucía; Torlaschi, Megan (2018)
      "Diseño e implementación de un detector de presencia de glucosa utilizando tiras Accu-Chek Performa Nano y su conector extraído de un glucómetro Accu-Chek, en conjunto con un circuito amplificador desarrollado por los alumnos."
    • Invalidation and low-order model set for artificial pancreas robust control design 

      Bianchi, Fernando D.; Moscoso-Vásquez, Marcela; Colmegna, Patricio; Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo (2019)
      "The purpose of this work is to compute a linear parameter-varying (LPV) model set that describes the insulin-glucose dynamics in type 1 diabetes (T1D). This set includes a nominal LPV model and dynamic uncertainty and is ...
    • Linear parameter-varying model to design control laws for an artificial pancreas 

      Colmegna, Patricio; Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo; Gondhalekar, Ravi (2018-02)
      "The contribution of this work is the generation of a control-oriented model for insulin-glucose dynamic regulation in type1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM). The novelty of this model is that it includes the time-varying nature, ...
    • Simulation & control in type 1 diabetes 

      Colmegna, Patricio (2015)
      "The study of Type 1 Diabetes has grown exponentially over the years. Thus, a huge number of scientic articles that are focused on this disease can be found. In this thesis, two issues are mainly addressed. Firstly, the ...
    • Time-varying procedures for insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus control 

      Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo; Ghersin, Alejandro S.; Bianchi, Fernando D. (2011-03)
      "This work considers the problem of automatically controlling the glucose level in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) patients. The objective is to include several important and practical issues in the design: model ...