Sleep hygiene impacts on episodic memories in young and older adults during quarantine by Covid-19: preliminary results

Tassone, Leonela M.
Martínez, Paula B.
Moyano, Malen D.
Solferino, Cecilia
Feldberg, Carolina
Tartaglini, Florencia
Brusco, Luis Ignacio
Forcato, Cecilia
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"Sleep benefits off-line consolidation of recent acquired information. Insufficient sleep impairs health, especially key components of cognition, resulting in poorer attention and impaired long-term memory. Currently, due to quarantine by Covid-19, sleep routines and sleep quality were modified and affected throughout the population. Preliminary results from our lab showed that episodic memory formation was impaired by emotional variables, such as anxiety and depression . Furthermore, sleep hygiene is fundamental to improve sleep habits. Sleep hygiene refers to a set of practices and environmental factors that are related to good sleep quality. Here, we perform a sleep hygiene treatment to study its impact on episodic memories and on emotional variables such as anxiety and depression in young and older adults during quarantine by Covid-19."