Multi-UAV specification and control with a single pilot-in-the-loop

Moreno, Patricio
Esteva, Santiago
Mas, Ignacio
Giribet, Juan I.
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"This work presents a multi-unmanned aerial vehicle formation implementing a trajectory-following controller based on the clusterspace robot coordination method. The controller is augmented with a feed-forward input from a control station operator. This teleoperation input is generated by means of a remote control, as a simple way of modifying the trajectory or taking over control of the formation during flight. The cluster-space formulation presents a simple specification of the system’s motion and, in this work, the operator benefits from this capability to easily evade obstacles by means of controlling the cluster parameters in real time. The proposed augmented controller is tested in a simulated environment first, and then deployed for outdoor field experiments. Results are shown in different scenarios using a cluster of three autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles."