Topotecan penetration assessment in retinoblastoma cells using Shannon entropy and coefficient of variation

Howlin, Marcelo
Chan, Debora
Ramele, Rodrigo
Gambini, Juliana
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"Retinoblastoma is a common intraocular tumor of childhood. One of the medications used as an antineoplastic agent for retinoblastoma treatment is topotecan. Its penetration into living tumorspheres is quantified using confocal microscopy. Topotecan is a fluorescent drug and it dyes the living tissue. Then, it is recorded in a sequence of images over a period of time. The effective penetration of the drug depends on culture characteristics and requires a very specific timing which is calculated empirically by an expert. The purpose of this work is to offer a model to automatically estimate and evaluate the penetration time of topotecan in a cell, based on the information obtained from a sequence of tumorsphere images and using Shannon entropy and coefficient of variation."