Recent Submissions

  • Autonomous vehicles for outdoor multidomain mapping 

    Garberoglio, Leonardo; Moreno, Patricio; Mas, Ignacio; Giribet, Juan I. (2018-06)
    "In the last years, progress has been made attempting to replace a unique, complex and expensive vehicle equipped with several sensors such as LIDAR, RGB cameras, thermal sensor, etc. with a group of small vehicles, each ...
  • Formation control for multi-domain autonomous vehicles based on dual quaternions 

    Mas, Ignacio; Moreno, Patricio; Giribet, Juan I.; Valentino Barzi, Diego (2017-06)
    "Unmanned networked multirobot systems have the potential to accomplish complex field tasks with minimum human intervention. Motion coordination of vehicles that operate in different domains (land, sea, air) is one of the ...
  • A technical, environmental and financial analysis of hybrid buses used for public transport 

    Orbaiz, Pedro; Dijk, Nicolás van; Cosentino, Santiago; Oxenford, Nicolás; Carignano, Mauro G.; Nigro, Norberto M. (2018-04)
    "This paper presents a technical, financial and environmental analysis of four different hybrid buses operated under Buenos Aires driving conditions. A conventional diesel bus is used as reference and three electric hybrids ...