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    • 7-Level asymmetric multilevel current source inverter with predictive control 

      Cossutta, Pablo; Aguirre, Miguel Pablo; Muñoz, Javier; Rivera, Marco; Melín, Pedro; Rohten, Jaime (2018-01)
      "In this paper a 7-Level Asymmetric Multilevel Current Source Inverter is presented. The topology considers two Current Source Inverters that follow a 1:2 ratio to generate the multilevel current waveform. A Model Predictive ...
    • Model predictive control of a multilevel current source inverter together with its current source 

      Cossutta, Pablo; Angélico Engelhardt, Mathias; Aguirre, Miguel Pablo; Ponce, Juan; Valla, María Inés (2017-08)
      "In this paper, a Model Predictive Control (MPC) strategy is applied to a Multilevel Current Source Inverter (MCSI) and its associated current source. The controller uses a discrete-time model of the entire system in order ...
    • Predictive control of a 27-level asymmetric multilevel current source inverter 

      Muñoz, Javier; Soto, Bairon; Villalón, Ariel; Rivera, Marco; Cossutta, Pablo; Aguirre, Miguel Pablo (2018-10)
      "In this work a study of a 27-level asymmetric multilevel current source inverter is developed. The presented structure is composed by three current source inverters that together are in a 9:3:1 ratio to produce a current ...