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    • Microfluidic device concept based on microoscillator dynamics at a liquid–liquid interface 

      Allievi, Alejandro (2008)
      "Oscillating microbeams and microplates have been used extensively as sensing components for property detection in fluids. In liquids, their quality factor Q is drastically decreased, thus affecting a microsensor’s resolution. ...
    • Planar nozzles for controllable microthrusters 

      Pedreira, Patricio; Lauretta, Juan Ricardo; D'hers, Sebastián (2017)
      "Orbital maneuvering of microsatellite and nanosatellite requirements can be efficiently addressed by planar nozzles, in which realtime thrust control is gained actuating on the nozzle throat area. In the present work, the ...
    • Rapid reconstitution packages (RRPs) for stable storage and delivery of glucagon 

      D'hers, Sebastián; Abad Vazquez, Agustín; Gurman, Pablo; Elman, Noel M. (2019-02)
      "Current emergency injectors of glucagon require manual reconstitution, which involves several steps that may lead to dosage errors. Rapid reconstitution packages (RRPs) are new devices, designed using computational fluid ...