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    • Automated workarounds from Java program specifications based on SAT solving 

      Uva, Marcelo; Ponzio, Pablo; Regis, Germán; Aguirre, Nazareno; Frías, Marcelo (2018-11)
      "The failures that bugs in software lead to can sometimes be bypassed by the so-called workarounds: when a (faulty) routine fails, alternative routines that the system offers can be used in place of the failing one, to ...
    • Foundations and applications for secure triggers 

      Futoransky, Ariel; Kargieman, Emiliano; Sarraute, Carlos; Waissbein, Ariel (2006-02)
      "Imagine there is certain content we want to maintain private until some particular event occurs, when we want to have it automatically disclosed. Suppose furthermore, that we want this done in a (possibly) malicious host. ...