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    • Improving lazy abstraction for SCR specifications through constraint relaxation 

      Degiovanni, Renzo; Ponzio, Pablo; Aguirre, Nazareno; Frías, Marcelo (2018-03)
      "Formal requirements specifications, eg, software cost reduction (SCR) specifications, are challenging to analyse using automated techniques such as model checking. Since such specifications are meant to capture requirements, ...
    • Piet: a GIS-OLAP implementation 

      Vaisman, Alejandro Ariel; Gómez, Leticia Irene; Kuijpers, Bart; Escribano, Ariel (2007)
      "Data aggregation in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a desirable feature, although only marginally present in commercial systems, which also fail to provide integration between GIS and OLAP (On Line Analytical ...