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  • Enhanced anti-stokes Raman gain in nonlinear waveguides 

    Sánchez, Alfredo D.; Hernández, Santiago M.; Bonetti, Juan I.; Grosz, Diego; Fierens, Pablo Ignacio (2019)
    "We show that, under certain conditions, modulation instability in nonlinear waveguides gives rise to the usual double-sideband spectral structure, but with a Raman gain profile. This process is enabled by the energy ...
  • Lipid electropore stabilization 

    Fernández, María Laura; Risk, Marcelo (2017-08)
    "The stabilization of pores can be studied by different approaches such as simulations in silico or experimental procedures in vivo or in vitro. The energy to open a pore in a lipid membrane can be delivered by different ...
  • Chitosan: from organic pollutants to high-value polymeric materials 

    Errea, María Inés; Rossi, Ezequiel; Goyanes, Silvia Nair; D'Accorso, Norma Beatriz (2017-08)
    "...chitosan has proved to be versatile for so many industrial applications and its versatility is the main value of this polymer. However, the lability at acidic pH of chitosan is a limiting factor that affects mainly ...