Predictive Accuracy of Machine Learning Algorithms in Recommender Systems

Dumón, Marcos
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This work presents a systematic literature review on the application of Machine Learning algorithms in the development of effective movie recommender systems. With the increasing popularity of movie recommender systems in the entertainment industry, selecting appropriate algorithms has become crucial for delivering personalized and accurate recommendations to users. Through an extensive literature search and rigorous methodology, this work identifies and analyzes commonly used Machine Learning algorithms for movie recommendation. The accuracy and performance of these algorithms are evaluated using established evaluation methods and metrics on movie datasets of different sizes. The evaluation takes into account factors such as prediction accuracy, scalability, and robustness. The comparative analysis provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of various Machine Learning algorithms in the context of movie recommendation. The findings contribute to the understanding of algorithmic performance, enabling researchers and practitioners to make informed decisions when developing movie recommender systems. Additionally, the work explores the impact of different hyperparameters and optimization techniques on algorithm performance. The results of this work aim to improve the quality of movie recommendations and enhance user satisfaction. By providing guidelines and recommendations for algorithm selection and optimization, this work contributes to the advancement of movie recommender systems and the overall movie-watching experience.