Indoor positioning system

Li Puma, Juan Francisco
Rodríguez Nicastro, Julián
de Rochebouët, Diego
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"GPS and location services have been a breakthrough in recent history and have become a necessary part of our daily lives, but they haven't yet reached the point where we can be located inside buildings. This would be really useful, with multiple applications such as localization in big buildings, location-based advertising, location-assisted games, locationaware social networks, etc. For this reason, there has been research on the eld to solve this problem and many possible approaches have been found. This project presents a starting point for one of these solutions using WiFi ngerprinting. The project consists of an API and two mobile applications that consume it, one for admins and another for users. The admin app is used to gather samples needed for WiFi ngerprinting in an onlne stage and the user app is used to locate users based on WiFi scans on an online stage. This solution is then tested and the results are presented."