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Incorporating coverage criteria in bounded exhaustive black box test generation of structural inputs



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"The automated generation of test cases for heap allocated, complex, structures is particularly difficult. Various state of the art tools tackle this problem by bounded exhaustive exploration of potential test cases, using constraint solving mechanisms based on techniques such as search, model checking, symbolic execution and combinations of these. In this article we present a technique for improving the bounded ex haustive constraint based test case generation of structurally complex inputs, for “filtering” approaches. The technique works by guiding the search considering a given black box test criterion. Such a test criterion is incorporated in the constraint based mechanism so that the exploration of potential test cases can be pruned without missing coverable classes of inputs, corresponding to the test criterion. We present the technique, together with some case studies illustrating its performance for some black box testing criteria. The experimental results associated with these case studies are shown in the context of Korat, a state of the art tool for constraint based test case generation, but the approach is applicable in other contexts using a filtering approach to test generation."


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