Fusion of magnetic and WiFi fingerprints for indoor positioning

Grisales Campeón, Juan Pablo
López, Sebastián
de Jesús Meleán, Sergio R.
Moldovan, Horatiu
Parisi, Daniel
Fierens, Pablo Ignacio
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"WiFi received signal strength (RSS) and magnetic field intensity are common measures for indoor localization because they are readily available on most mobile devices. There is a vast literature on smartphone positioning using RSS and it has been widely implemented in real-world scenarios in the last two decades. There is much work done on localization aided by magnetic field measurements. We have recently evaluated the accuracy of RSS-based positioning applying state-of-the-art algorithms to measurements in a well-controlled experimental setup. In this paper, we extend this work to assess the accuracy improvements achievable by fusing WiFi and magnetic field information. We show that accuracy improvements of up to 30% are possible."