7-Level asymmetric multilevel current source inverter with predictive control

Cossutta, Pablo
Aguirre, Miguel Pablo
Muñoz, Javier
Rivera, Marco
Melín, Pedro
Rohten, Jaime
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"In this paper a 7-Level Asymmetric Multilevel Current Source Inverter is presented. The topology considers two Current Source Inverters that follow a 1:2 ratio to generate the multilevel current waveform. A Model Predictive Control is used to track the internal current and voltage references as well as to keep the asymmetric ratio between the DC currents even during transient conditions. To properly use the predictive algorithm, the modelling equations of the presented topology are systematically obtained in continuous and discrete time domains, considering the characteristic constraints of a Current Source Inverter. Simulated dynamic tests are presented in order to prove the feasibility of the asymmetric approach and the properness of the predictive control technique."