Closed-loop in neuroscience: can a brain be controlled?

García Violini, Demián
Bertone-Cueto, Nicolás I.
Martínez, Sebastián
Chiesa Docampo, Franco
de la Fuente, Verónica
Belluscio, Mariano
Piriz, Joaquín
Sánchez-Peña, Ricardo
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"An experimental setup capable of stimulating, inhibiting, sensing, processing and analyzing a iological system is presented. The experimental setup is based on open-source, open hardware commercial devices. It can be applied to record and control neuronal activity, for example to stablish causal links between neurons and behavior in a closed-loop fashion. Cells or group of cells can be triggered by acoustical, electrical or light impulses. This last case is based on a technique defined as optogenetics. The latter is used in an example that reads and controls neuronal activity of a population of neurons in laboratory rats forcing them to transition between neuronal states, illustrates the system developed in this work. Index Terms—Optogenetics, closed-loop, automatic control, open-source, open-hardware."