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FLACK: Counterexample-guided fault localization for alloy models


"Fault localization is a practical research topic that helps developers identify code locations that might cause bugs in a program. Most existing fault localization techniques are designed for imperative programs (e.g., C and Java) and rely on analyzing correct and incorrect executions of the program to identify suspicious statements. In this work, we introduce a fault localization approach for models written in a declarative language, where the models are not “executed,” but rather converted into a logical formula and solved using backend constraint solvers. We present FLACK, a tool that takes as input an Alloy model consisting of some violated assertion and returns a ranked list of suspicious expressions contributing to the assertion violation. The key idea is to analyze the differences between counterexamples, i.e., instances of the model that do not satisfy the assertion, and instances that do satisfy the assertion to find suspicious expressions in the input model. The experimental results show that FLACK is efficient (can handle complex, real world Alloy models with thousand lines of code within 5 seconds), accurate (can consistently rank buggy expressions in the top 1.9% of the suspicious list), and useful (can often narrow down the error to the exact location within the suspicious expressions)."


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