DynAlloy analyzer: a tool for the specification and analysis of Alloy models with dynamic behaviour

Regis, Germán
Cornejo, César
Gutiérrez Brida, Simón
Politano, Mariano
Raverta, Fernando
Ponzio, Pablo
Aguirre, Nazareno
Galeotti, Juan Pablo
Frías, Marcelo
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"We describe DynAlloy Analyzer, a tool that extends Alloy Analyzer with support for dynamic elements in Alloy models. The tool builds upon Alloy Analyzer in a way that makes it fully compatible with Alloy models, and extends their syntax with a particular idiom, inspired in dynamic logic, for the description of dynamic behaviours, understood as sequences of states over standard Alloy models, in terms of programs. The syntax is broad enough to accommodate abstract dynamic behaviours, e.g., using nondeterministic choice and finite unbounded iteration, as well as more concrete ones, using standard sequential programming constructions. The analysis of DynAlloy models resorts to the analysis of Alloy models, through an optimized translation that often makes the analysis more efficient than that of typical ad-hoc constructions to capture dynamism in Alloy."