Emotional episodic memory formation during Covid-19 quarentine: preliminary results

León, Candela S.
Bonilla, Matías
Urreta Benítez, Facundo A.
Forcato, Cecilia
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"Episodic memory is the ability to recover past experiences and projects ourselves into the future. It is related to contextual information (both spatially and temporally). This type of memory is highly sensitive to aging, the passage of time, forgetfulness, interference and confusion. Furthermore, episodic memory processes are modulated by both anxiety and depression. People's mental health has deteriorated due to the Covid-19 pandemic, showing higher levels in both values. There is a general consensus that pleasant or aversive events are better remembered than neutral events. Regarding false memories, there is no such consensus. Some authors found that emotional content generates more false memories, however, it was also found that negative content reduces false memories. In this study we evaluated the effects of emotional variables, such as anxiety and depression, on memory encoding and consolidation of true and false details of aversive and neutral stories."