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Curing process of benzoxazine systems. An experimental and theoretical study


"A mathematical model that simulates the curing process of benzoxazine (Bz) systems is presented. The model predicts the conversion, gel point and Tg along the curing process, and considers the diffusional limitations to mass transfer due to the increase in the system viscosity along the process. This model can be used to select an appropriate combination of time and temperature in order to obtain a material with pre-specified properties. The theoretical parameters were adjusted with experimental data: conversion, weight-average molecular weight, weight fraction of solubles and Tg. The Bz based on bisphenol A and aniline (BzBA) was used to adjust the model. The curing kinetic of this Bz was followed by FTIR, SEC and DSC, considering five different curing conditions. A very good agreement between experimental and simulated values was observed, even when curing is carried out under different temperatures profiles."


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