A whole systems approach to education redesign: a case study on the need for intergenerational perspectives and inclusion

Laszlo, Kahlia
Laszlo, Alexander
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"This study was commissioned by the Global Education Futures forum for presentation at its fourth International Conference in Moscow, Russia, from February 29 to March 2, 2016 (http://edu2035.org/#program). The objective was to conduct field research with a special focus on the vision of the future of education held by young people. This report presents some views and perspectives of my generation regarding what they want education to be like in the future. In northern California, my teachers Ms. B and Mr. Wahanik used the framework of questions and activities that my father and I developed to gather this kind of information by running a sort of “focus group” with my 10th Grade class and to find out what their views, perspective, opinions, ideas, hopes, and concerns are regarding this theme. A similar process was run with a group of young people in Buenos Aires, Argentina."