User-centered road network traffic analysis with MobilityDB

Sakr, Mahmoud
Zimányi, Esteban
Vaisman, Alejandro Ariel
Bakli, Mohamed
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"Performance indicators of road networks are a long-lasting topic of research. Existing schemes assess network properties such as the average speed on road segments and the queuing time at intersections. The increasing availability of user trajectories, collected mainly using mobile phones with a variety of applications, creates opportunities for developing user-centered performance indicators. Performing such an analysis on big trajectory data sets remains a challenge for the existing data management systems, because they lack support for spatiotemporal trajectory data. This article presents an end-to-end solution, based on MobilityDB, a novel moving object database system that extends PostgreSQL with spatiotemporal data types and functions. A new class of indicators is proposed, focused on the users' experience. The indicators address the network design, the traffic flow, and the driving comfort of the motorists. Furthermore, these indicators are expressed as analytical MobilityDB queries over a big set of real vehicle trajectories."