Order and disorder in the local evolutionary minority game

Burgos, Enrique
Ceva, Horacio
Perazzo, Roberto P. J.
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"We study a modification of the Evolutionary Minority Game (EMG) in which agents are placed in the nodes of a regular or a random graph. A neighborhood for each agent can thus be defined and a modification of the usual relaxation dynamics can be made in which each agent updates her decision scheme depending upon the options made in her immediate neighborhood. We name this model the Local Evolutionary Minority Game (LEMG). We report numerical results for the topologies of a ring, a torus and a random graph changing the size of the neighborhood.We focus our discussion in a one-dimensional system and perform a detailed comparison of the results obtained from the random relaxation dynamics of the LEMG and from a linear chain of interacting spin-like variables with temperature. We provide a physical interpretation of the surprising result that in the LEMG a better coordination (a lower frustration) is achieved if agents base their actions on local information.We show how the LEMG can be regarded as a model that gradually interpolates between a fully ordered, antiferromagnetic-like system, and a fully disordered system that can be assimilated to a spin glass."