Global stability results for switched systems based on weak Lyapunov functions

Mancilla-Aguilar, J. L.
Haimovich, Hernán
García Galiñanes, Rafael
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"In this paper we study the stability of nonlinear and time-varying switched systems under restricted switching. We approach the problem by decomposing the system dynamics into a nominal-like part and a perturbationlike one. Most stability results for perturbed systems are based on the use of strong Lyapunov functions, i.e. functions of time and state whose total time derivative along the nominal system trajectories is bounded by a negative definite function of the state. However, switched systems under restricted switching may not admit strong Lyapunov functions, even when asymptotic stability is uniform over the set of switching signals considered. The main contribution of the current paper consists in providing stability results that are based on the stability of the nominal-like part of the system and require only a weak Lyapunov function. These results may have wider applicability than results based on strong Lyapunov functions. The results provided follow two lines. First, we give very general global uniform asymptotic stability results under reasonable boundedness conditions on the functions that define the dynamics of the nominal-like and the perturbation-like parts of the system. Second, we provide input-to-state stability (ISS) results for the case when the nominal-like part is switched linear-timevarying. We provide two types of ISS results: standard ISS that involves the essential supremum norm of the input and a modified ISS that involves a power-type norm."