Analysis of ischaemic crisis using the informational causal entropy-complexity plane

Legnani, Walter
Traversaro Varela, Francisco
Redelico, Francisco
Cymberknop, Leandro J.
Armentano, Ricardo L.
Rosso, Osvaldo A.
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"In the present work, an ischaemic process, mainly focused on the reperfusion stage, is studied using the informational causal entropy-complexity plane. Ischaemic wall behavior under this condition was analyzed through wall thickness and ventricular pressure variations, acquired during an obstructive flow maneuver performed on left coronary arteries of surgically instrumented animals. Basically, the induction of ischaemia depends on the temporary occlusion of left circumflex coronary artery (which supplies blood to the posterior left ventricular wall) that lasts for a few seconds. Normal perfusion of the wall was then reestablished while the anterior ventricular wall remained adequately perfused during the entire maneuver. The obtained results showed that system dynamics could be effectively described by entropy-complexity loops, in both abnormally and well perfused walls. These results could contribute to making an objective indicator of the recovery heart tissues after an ischaemic process, in a way to quantify the restoration of myocardial behavior after the supply of oxygen to the ventricular wall was suppressed for a brief period."