Analytical models integrated with satellite images for optimized pest management

Bright, L. Zack
Handley, Michael
Chien, Isabel
Curi, Sebastián
Anders Brownworth, L.
D'hers, Sebastián
Bernier, Ulrich R.
Gurman, Pablo
Elman, Noel M.
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"The global field protection (GFP) was developed to protect and optimize pest management resources integrating satellite images for precise field demarcation with physical models of controlled release devices of pesticides to protect large fields. The GFP was implemented using a graphical user interface to aid the end-user to select location and define an arbitrary perimeter for protection. The system provides coordinates of drop points for the controlled release devices which can be delivered using drone technology, e.g. unmanned air vehicles. In this work, we present the first proof of concept of this technology. A vast number of pest management applications can benefit from this work, including prevention against vector-borne diseases as well as protection of large agriculture fields."