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    • DynAlloy analyzer: a tool for the specification and analysis of Alloy models with dynamic behaviour 

      Regis, Germán; Cornejo, César; Gutiérrez Brida, Simón; Politano, Mariano; Raverta, Fernando; Ponzio, Pablo; Aguirre, Nazareno; Galeotti, Juan Pablo; Frías, Marcelo (2017-09)
      "We describe DynAlloy Analyzer, a tool that extends Alloy Analyzer with support for dynamic elements in Alloy models. The tool builds upon Alloy Analyzer in a way that makes it fully compatible with Alloy models, and extends ...
    • (Heterogeneous) Structured specifications in logics without interpolation 

      López Pombo, Carlos G.; Frías, Marcelo (2018)
      "The world of software development has become intrinsically heterogeneous. Many formal languages have been made available to help analysts and designers model different aspects of software. Some examples in the logic realm ...