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    • Analytical queries on semantic trajectories using graph databases 

      Gómez, Leticia Irene; Kuijpers, Bart; Vaisman, Alejandro Ariel (2019-10)
      "This article studies the analysis of moving object data collected by location-aware devices, such as GPS, using graph databases. Such raw trajectories can be transformed into so-called semantic trajectories, which are ...
    • Categorical sequential pattern mining in a spatio-temporal environment 

      Gómez, Leticia Irene (c2009)
      "En esta tesis argumentamos que la información de trayectorias también puede ser integrada con datos GIS y OLAP, generando un marco poderoso de análisis".
    • Development of an optimized LEB filter and its application to INS/GPS test data 

      Antonini, Claudio Daniel (1993)
      "An optimized linear-ellipsoidal-bounded (LEB) filter has been developed and applied to data obtained from a ground test using a combined INS/GPS configuration. In this cascaded configuration, the filter receives eight ...
    • Indoor positioning system 

      Li Puma, Juan Francisco; Rodríguez Nicastro, Julián; de Rochebouët, Diego (2019-11-29)
      "GPS and location services have been a breakthrough in recent history and have become a necessary part of our daily lives, but they haven't yet reached the point where we can be located inside buildings. This would be ...
    • Intelligent tracker 

      Deligiannis, Sergio Nicolás; Taccone, Nicolás (2016)
      "El objetivo del proyecto es el desarrollo de un producto que permita notificar su ubicación, notificar su desplazamiento y realizar escuchas de su entorno. Si el dispositivo se instalara en un vehículo, el usuario podría ...