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    • Pedestrian collective motion in competitive room evacuation 

      Garcimartín, Ángel; Pastor, José Martín; Martín-Gómez, César; Parisi, Daniel R.; Zuriguel, Iker (2017-12)
      "When a sizable number of people evacuate a room, if the door is not large enough, an accumulation of pedestrians in front of the exit may take place. This is the cause of emerging collective phenomena where the density ...
    • Redefining the role of obstacles in pedestrian evacuation 

      Garcimartín, Ángel; Maza, Diego; Pastor, José Martín; Parisi, Daniel R.; Martín-Gómez, César; Zuriguel, Iker (2018)
      "The placement of obstacles in front of doors is believed to be an effective strategy to increase the flow of pedestrians, hence improving the evacuation process. Since it was first suggested, this counterintuitive feature ...