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    • From operational to declarative specifications using a genetic algorithm 

      Molina, Facundo; Degiovanni, Renzo; Regis, Germán; Castro, Pablo; Aguirre, Nazareno; Frías, Marcelo (2018-05)
      "In specification-based test generation, sometimes having a formal specification is not sufficient, since the specification may be in a different formalism from that required by the generation approach being used. In this ...
    • On the effect of object redundancy elimination in randomly testing collection classes 

      Ponzio, Pablo; Bengolea, Valeria; Gutiérrez Brida, Simón; Scilingo, Gastón; Aguirre, Nazareno; Frías, Marcelo (2018-05)
      "In this paper, we analyze the effect of reducing object redundancy in random testing, by comparing the Randoop random testing tool with a version of the tool that disregards tests that only produce objects that have been ...