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    • Two classes of bipartite networks: nested biological and social systems 

      Burgos, Enrique; Ceva, Horacio; Hernández, Laura; Perazzo, Roberto P. J.; Devoto, Mariano; Medan, Diego (2008)
      "Bipartite graphs have received some attention in the study of social networks and of biological mutualistic systems. A generalization of a previous model is presented, that evolves the topology of the graph in order to ...
    • Why nestedness in mutualistic networks? 

      Burgos, Enrique; Ceva, Horacio; Perazzo, Roberto P. J.; Devoto, Mariano; Medan, Diego; Zimmermann, Martín; Delbue, Ana María (2007)
      "We investigate the relationship between the nested organization of mutualistic systems and their robustness against the extinction of species. We establish that a nested pattern of contacts is the best possible one as far ...