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    • Anti-stokes Raman gain enabled by modulation instability in mid-IR waveguides 

      Sánchez, Alfredo D.; Fierens, Pablo Ignacio; Hernández, Santiago M.; Bonetti, Juan I.; Brambilla, Gilberto; Grosz, Diego (2018-11)
      "The inclusion of self-steepening in the linear stability analysis of modulation instability (MI) leads to a power cutoff above which the MI gain vanishes. Under these conditions, MI in mid-IR waveguides is shown to give ...
    • Simple method for estimating the fractional Raman contribution 

      Sánchez, Alfredo D.; Linale, N.; Bonetti, Juan I.; Hernández, Santiago M.; Fierens, Pablo Ignacio; Brambilla, Gilberto; Grosz, Diego (2019-02)
      "We propose a novel and simple method for estimating the fractional Raman contribution, fR, based on an analysis of a full model of modulation instability (MI) in waveguides. An analytical expression relating fR to the MI ...